A fun international youth wedding of Susanna and Martin.

  • This day was remembered for smiles and fun, where English guests were involved in a string of such usual for the Russian soul, wedding competitions.
  • Susanna was a bride who spent a whole year diligently preparing for her dream wedding and her morning was spent in the pleasant company of the closest people – her friends and mother, and the joy of the morning was complemented by a beautiful sea panorama and the old city of Dubrovnik.
  • Of course, the groom, like the bride, wants to look as good as possible on the wedding day. Men do not like to worry too much about this, and in the company of best friends, everything is easy and easy. Booze, cigars, and hearty laughter – this was the groom's morning.
And the main decoration of the wedding day — a good mood of the bride and groom, who get great pleasure from their holiday. Sea breeze, romantic confessions and dancing!