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How much does a photo shoot cost and what is included?

  • My work is paid by the hour and depends on the hours spent on photography. The minimum recommended shooting time is 2 hours. This is the optimal amount of time to tell your story.


  • Joint preparation for the photo session. First, we get acquainted and communicate and I give recommendations on locations, planning the day to achieve the best results in terms of photography.


  • Rental of sites and stylists’ work is paid additionally on request individually.


  • Each photo story has its own distinctive moments such as timing, number of guests, logistics, and so on. Therefore, the prices are very individual and depend on the project.


  • Also, the cost depends on the selected date and city, please check the details in the Services sections
  • Usually, prices are in the range of up to 300 euros

How many photos will I get?

  • The number of photos from Love Story, wedding walk, family, and individual shooting is about 30 pieces per hour.


  • Wedding day 6-12 hours 300-600 photos.


  • The exact number of photos from depends on the dynamics of the event.


  • The specified quantity is average and can change both up and down.


  • If the number of interesting photos exceeds the specified number, the photographer can optionally make more of them.

Photo processing or can I get the originals photos?

  • You only get processed images, since all photos are processed by the author. This way I delete only repeated, unsuccessful, trial photos, leaving all the rest – the best ones.


  • All photos are subject to the author’s colour and light correction, deep retouching of large portraits, light skin retouching on all photos, and the rest is at the discretion of the photographer.

How and when do I give photos?

  • After your photoshoot, you will receive a small series of photos (about 10 photos) ALREADY the NEXT day!


  • The rest of the photos will be ready within three to nine weeks, depending on the season and upload.


  • After the photo session, you will receive a link to a private gallery that will be available for a month to upload photos, and you will decide for yourself who to show the photos to!

I want a wedding in Croatia. Can you help?

  • We are aware that certain couples want help with every detail involved in planning their destination wedding in Croatia, while others only need help with selected activities on the day.


  • We are always happy to adjust our wedding services to your needs, desires and also your budget.


  • What our team does for the perfect organization of your wedding can be found in the Event section.

How can I book a date?

  • To reserve your date a deposit payment is required and a signed agreement, which can all be done online.


  • In fact, there is no clear indication of how much in advance you need to book a date, but in any case, keep in mind that reasonable planning is optimal for organizing a wedding.


Do you offer to print photo book services?

Yes, I offer high-quality fine art albums Premium Class. Read more here

We choose photos for your future photobook and after the layout, I send the layout for approval so that you can look at it and inform me about the changes.

What if I’m not a model and don’t know how to pose?

  • First of all, you don’t need to worry about it. It’s important that I know how to take pictures:- ) The most important thing is your sincere emotions!

Wedding photography in other cities and countries

  • If you decide to take me as your photographer to another country, you will additionally pay for my flight and accommodation.