What we experience when we are in love may be our normal state. Being in love tells us what we should be.

  • The bride's morning is different! Tender shooting of the morning awakening of the charming bride Natalia was performed in a very unusual way. Like an exotic bird after waking up, ready to fly out of the nest to meet their happiness. This morning of the wedding day set the mood for the entire holiday, and therefore it is especially important that it was not only calm, but beautiful and continued by the pool.
Then there was the long-awaited meeting of Natalia and Andrey on the dizzying panorama of the Boko Kotor Bay, shrouded in morning fog.
Our wedding walk took place along the cozy streets of one of the oldest cities in Montenegro – Kotor. In the sequel, there was a heartfelt wedding ceremony on the beach in Perast in the circle of the closest.
And after that, we went by boat to a small picturesque island, where we were enveloped in the sunset rays of the sun.
And this eventful wedding day ended with a chamber dinner for two reading confessions under the flickering of candles