Dreams created together are realized twice as fast!

Here is the long-awaited morning when the bride and groom begin to catch every minute and every second of the holiday, love and emotions.

Masha and Platon supported the tradition of not seeing each other in the morning, during training camps. It was a morning in a calm environment, before they were plunged into an incredible maelstrom of sensations.

What do almost all brides dream of? About a blooming garden, romantic singing of birds, delicate fragrant flowers. Delicate lush Floristics in the garden for the bride's gathering became an incredible magic.

And the participation of children in the wedding ceremony always creates an incredibly cute and lively atmosphere. The most common and favorite role of many is the "flower" assistant of the bride. And these flower girls Masha and little Margot gave a new portion of spring inspiration.

A walk through the old streets of Budva, gentle hugs and a wooden retro car took the young couple to the wedding ceremony, where they made vows full of tenderness and joined their hearts on a picturesque secluded panorama.

Sunset time gave us a magical light and the magic of this evening, I believe, will forever remain in the memory of Masha and Platon! And these photos.