Do you need a wedding photoshoot?

Each wedding is unique and interesting in its own way. What can you do to remember your celebration for a long time? The answer is simple: you need a wedding photoshoot!


On this day, the bride and groom are not the same as always. And it’s not just about a chic wedding dress and an elegant suit. The thing is, what happens in everyone’s soul. Everyone really wants to remember forever and save in their heart all these positive emotions, moments, tears of happiness in the eyes, and a slight tremor of the hands when touching, and you can save these moments in a photo.


The wedding photo can’t be reshot, there are no second takes on this day – every moment is unique! Therefore, it is better to think in advance about what kind of wedding photography you want.


Don’t miss your chance and make your wedding photos professional!

I wish you bright emotions and the most beautiful weddings!


– What is included in the cost of wedding photography? –

  • The shooting time is at least 2 hours. This is the optimal amount of time to tell your story
  • All photos from your wedding with color correction and retouching and my author’s processing
  • Wedding walk 2 hours — 50+ photos
  • Wedding day 8-12 hours — 300-700 photos
  • Smaller copies of photos to publish on the Internet
  • Deadlines for submitting photos — from 3 weeks
  • You will get the first 10 photos the next day!
  • Joint preparation for shooting. Selecting locations to optimize the shooting process
  • Rent of locations, work of stylists is paid additionally on request and idea

Since each wedding has its own distinctive moments such as timing, the number of guests, logistics, etc. so the prices are very individual and depend on the project.

The work is paid by the hour. Usually prices start from 200 euros depending on the above.

There is a special price for photographing a wedding day from 6 hours.

For more information about the cost, please contact me.